I Am Bore: 25 Things to Do on a Plane

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Things to Do on a Plane When You’re Bored. Traveling on a plane is exciting. You have that feeling of expectancy, the anticipation of being in another place, something you haven’t seen before.

Prepare for your plane trip ahead of time.

Things to Do on a Plane When You’re Bored! Traveling on a plane is exciting. You have that feeling of expectancy, the anticipation of being in another place, something you haven’t seen before. But, unfortunately, while all this excitement might be great when you’re waiting for your plane to take off, it can quickly diminish once you’re on the plane and find nothing to do.

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Not to be Debbie Downer, but “I’ll just watch whatever’s available” doesn’t always work out well. For one thing, not all airlines offer seatback entertainment. For another, there’s always a possibility that your screen or controller is damaged. Unfortunately, it’s happened to us more than once.

While we’re talking about preparing ahead of time, that includes packing. Don’t forget to put all the items you’ll need during your flight in your under-seat carry-on. Having to grab something from the overhead bin is super inconvenient!

Things to Do on a Plane
Staring through the window

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Awesome Things to Do on a Plane When You’re Bored.

1. Watch Movie

The Inflight Entertainment System usually offers many (recent) movies and TV shows which can keep you entertained for many hours. But if you can make your alternative provision in case the inflight entertainment is not working; it is better to use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to get some screen time.

2. . It’s Good to Talk

Start a conversation with your fellow passager; you will be amazed at what you find out about them. You will meet people that will later become business partners, new friends, and people from all walks of life who meet on the plane, from those that are going on a holiday, visiting family, or even people that are migrating to a new country.

3. Listen to a Podcast

Another way to avoid getting bored on a plane is to listen to podcasts. They generally require a little more attention than audiobooks might, but they’re still a lot of fun.

Here are some podcast ideas you can listen to:

  • Catch up on career developments
  • Learn more about a hobby or interest
  • Listen to a fresh interview with your favorite celebrity or blogger
  • Take lessons in foreign languages;
  • Listen to lectures
  • Learn about your destination on a travel podcast
  • and much more.

The great advantage of podcasts is that your hands will be accessible while your brain is engaged. That will make it possible to stretch or self-massage to relieve your muscles from sitting for a long time if you want.

4. Read a new Book

Life is full of busyness, and an airplane ride is a perfect escape. Exciting and intriguing stories can take you away from your routines and immerse you in a new fantasy world. But, unfortunately, you might need more than your flight time to catch up on more stories. 

That’s why you should come along with books to read on the plane before you go on a trip. However, reading material is limited, as there are often long periods during your trip when you can’t use electronics or watch movies as part of airline safety regulations.

Need help with what to read? These fantastic books are one of the best to read to make your flight go faster and improve personal development.

5. Listen to a Music

When you quickly want to catch some sleep, music is the magic key; in the last hour of your flight, music can put you in your best mood. So listen to any of your favorite music. 

Most often, music calms your nerve when you have anxiety or flight landing panic.

Airplanes often have vast categories of music offered on board, from classics, country, reggae, jazz, blues, souls, or movie soundtracks. (which I love but have to stop myself from bursting into song mid-flight) or even radio stations playing various tunes; of course, you can listen to the music you’ve got on your phone.

6. Play Game

There are various games you can play on board when you’re bored; you can download some offline games and ads free and play to wind away time while you go from level to level.

Games such as card, board games, or combat games. When you check you check google play store or apple store, you are sure to get various types of games and find anyone you sure love to play.

7. Work on Your Project

Do you have a pile-up of unfinished projects; time to sort them one after the other because you’ve got the time and no distractions?

8.  Start Syncing Your Body Clock

To reduce your jetlag, try to sleep during the hours when it is night in your destination. This will help get your body used to the different time zone and lessen discomforts.

9. Creative Writing

Silence, extended hours, and lack of distraction (for lone travelers) can be a new version of writing skills. This time gives you room to think and be creative to pen down some long notes about your next big story or book. You’re going to get inspiration to write.

10. Learn or Practice Language

Learning and unlearning is the best life practice, so why not take advantage of the long time you’ll have on the air and learn basic phrases of the country you’re visiting? In addition, you can download a language app such as Duolingo, Lingvist, Babbel and Innovative language learning to learn some new words.

You will likely get more out of your trip if you can connect with its residents in their language.

11. Video /Photo Editing

Suppose you are a video and photo enthusiast. In that case, this can be an excellent opportunity to edit all your footage and create a fantastic holiday video to show everybody when you get home.

12. Play Card

I bought a golden card because I love to play, mostly when I want to connect with my partner on less busy days. 

It’s no different on a long-haul flight.

It is an excellent option if you’re looking to pass the time when flying. 

13. Eavesdrop on cabin gossip. 

Eavesdropping can make you giggle, be amazed, wonder, and be creative. Some excellent business idea comes from small drop words, and you magnify them into something magnificent.

14. Bring Your Laptop And Do Some Work

Since you’re stuck on a plane for an extended period, you might as well get some work done.

15.  Walk Around The Cabin

Walking around in the cabin is excellent for your body system; this is a great way to stay healthy and alive. But unfortunately, some people have died due to long flight hours because their blood vessels could not circulate properly, I guess; not a medical adviser, but I know a celebrity who died due to long hours of traveling in the air.

16. Crossword And Wordsearch

These games make you focus, think faster, and discover new words and meanings. It’s mentally tasking, which is good.

17. Have A Few Drinks

As it is said, just a few drinks.

18. Surf The Internet 

Internet is likely available in most airplanes now, so you can use that opportunity to surf the internet to make your searches on that project or to discover a new thing.

19. Catch Up On Sleep

I don’t know what to do; nap it. A good nap is good for your body and soul. 

20. Relax And Rejuvenate 

Flying long haul dehydrates your skin severely, so I sometimes take this as an excuse to perform a little skin TLC. 

If you’re in business, they provide you with a range of face products and creams, but if you’re in economy, you can bring your face mask on board. 

Pop it mid-way during your flight (perhaps before you take a nap), and relax! 

I’ve only recently started doing this on flights, and I feel like it significantly affects my flying experience and when I land.

21. Watch A TV Show

If you’re on a long-haul flight, you can binge-watch a series of Marvel movies in order, enjoy a new Netflix series, or rewatch your favorite movie that you haven’t watched for a long time. In addition, it’s easy to download movies to watch later.

22. Colouring Books for Adults and Kids

Colouring books are a form of exercise that doesn’t require physical activities like jumping, running, and rest, but this is creativity in action. For adults and children, the moment to relieve stress puts your imagination to work and meditate.

23. Practice Origami

Origami could keep you busy for plenty of time; imagine how difficult it would be to fold paper animals!

24. Sort out Immigration Documents Before you Land

Documents sorting seems easy, but if you don’t sort out your paper for immigration properly before landing, you may find yourself completely disorganized.

25. Freshen up Now and Then

Spending hours on a plane can take its toll and leave you feeling dirty. Therefore, it can be refreshing to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. However, ensure you have a hand sanitizer; planes are a playground for germs and bacteria.

“My goal is to run out of pages in my passport.”

Final note

We hope our list will help you the next time you’re on a flight; you can Shop for Travel Gear on Amazon. What are your favorite things to do on a plane to avoid boredom? How do you keep the kidlets entertained? Leave a comment below for your fellow travelers!


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